My Top 10 Detox Diet Posts

From time to time I get questions about detox and detox diet plans from my readers and detox news subscribers. I can usually send them some links to articles I have written that cover the subject they have asked about. I got to thinking recently that it would be a good idea to make a list of some … [Read more...]

Why Use Green Superfoods On A Detox Diet?

You have probably seen recipes for detox diets that say add a spoonful of green superfood to your juice or green smoothie.  So what exactly are green superfoods and why should you use them? You know that greens are good for you. Experts have been telling us that for years. Green leafy vegetables … [Read more...]

Detox Tips – Practical Tips to Improve Detox

Toxic pollutants are all around us. They get into your body from food, water, air and products you put on your body. Mounting evidence shows they accumulate in your body and cause many health problems. Minimizing exposure and improving detox is an important step to improving your health. Here are … [Read more...]

Detox Mercury If You Want To Cure Candida For Good

Many practitioners and holistic doctors believe that the deeper underlying cause of Candida overgrowth is due to mercury toxicity. If you suspect you have a Candida problem or have been diagnosed with Candida overgrowth then it's better to consider mercury toxicity now rather than later after you … [Read more...]

How Does Chlorella Detoxify Your Body?

Many studies show that the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, chlorophyll and other substances in chlorella, a single-celled fresh water green algae,  helps to detoxify the body. But it has been proven that it is the tough fibrous material in the outer shell that actually binds with toxins and carries … [Read more...]