How To Get Started On A Raw Food Detox Diet

It's officially Spring and it's the best time of the year to detox. Eating a high percentage of raw food is considered to be one of the best ways to detox. But, if you don't already eat a high raw diet you may be wondering how to get started on a raw food detox. Karen Knowler, raw food coach, has … [Read more...]

Raw Food Detox Diet And Weight Loss

If you have ever thought about going on a raw food detox diet because you want to lose weight, then you are on the right track. Many people who have tried virtually every type of diet imaginable have turned to a raw food diet and been successful. If you are carrying additional weight that needs … [Read more...]

The Amazing Power of a Raw Food Detox Diet & Green Smoothies Cures Diabetes

Sergio Boutenko was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes (Type 1) when he was 10 years old but amazingly he cured himself with green smoothies and a raw food detox diet. Diabetes is a serious condition and his doctor was adamant that he should start insulin injections straight away. To cut a long story … [Read more...]