The Sugar Detox Diet Revisited

Well, this must be the year of the the sugar detox diet. Everyone, it seems, is jumping on the bandwagon with a book about detoxing sugar.  I have already written one article about sugar detox recently but it's so much in the news that I thought another one wouldn't be amiss. Dr Mark Hyman's book … [Read more...]

Sugar Detox – How Can I Break My Sugar Addiction?

Guest post by Anna Tolson of Vital Detox Retreats. If this is a question that you have asked yourself  then, like any addiction, you are half way to breaking it. Most people don’t even realize that sugar is a problem and can be as addictive as any drug and much easier to get hold of.  Nor do most … [Read more...]

Detox – How to Detox Sugar

Sugar is one of the most addictive substances in the world and it has a devastating effect on your health. Excessive use contributes to long term health problems and diseases. It seems to be in just about every product you pick up in the supermarket so it is hardly surprising that people are asking … [Read more...]