Is The Gluten Free Diet Just An Unhealthy Fad?

Following a gluten free diet has been called an unhealthy fad diet unless you have been diagnosed with celiac disease, but is it? Lets take a look at gluten and why people might want to avoid it. Gluten is a protein found in grains like rye, barley, wheat, triticale, spelt, kamut and farro. … [Read more...]

Buckwheat, That Miracle Detox Food, Goes Mainstream !

Two of UK's major supermarkets have recently reported a 80% surge in demand for the miracle food buckwheat. Who would have thought that this humble detox food would suddenly go mainstream? That's the power of TV chefs who have suddenly latched on to this gluten free pseudo grain. It could also be … [Read more...]

Easy 4 Week Digestive System Cleanse

The typical Western diet is associated with all sorts of digestive problems like indigestion, constipation, gas and bloating but changing your diet with this easy to do 4 week plan will give you a thorough digestive system cleanse and tremendously improve your health. If the thought of following … [Read more...]

Going Gluten Free: Will Giving Up Bread For Detox Make You Fat?

According to magazine and newspaper reports this year's celebrity fad diet is going gluten free.  While many people have been avoiding gluten as part of a detox diet for years it seems that celebrities Gwyneth Paltrow, Rachel Weisz, Jenny McCarthy and Victoria Beckham are following a gluten free … [Read more...]