How Detox Yoga Can Enhance Your Detox Diet Plan

One thing that I have neglected to write about previously on this blog is Detox Yoga. It is the type of exercise that is ideal to do as part of your detox diet plan.

Yoga was established during the time of ancient India and embraces the practice of spiritual, physical and mental discipline. Yoga in Sanskrit, a historical language of Hinduism, means “to unite” or “union”. But, Yoga can be best explained by using another Sanskrit word termed as “asana”. Asana is the application of the wide-ranging yoga postures as an exercise.

Yoga is a great form of exercise that can be less strenuous than other forms of exercise yet can provide an abundant number of health benefits. It is designed to unite the mind, body and spirit.

Through this way of therapy, you’ll feel great results both physically and mentally. It can help you achieve more energy, happiness and inner peace.

Yoga has been highly used in the practice of detoxification because it can tremendously help yourbody’s ability to clean and purify itself by systematically stretching and compressing every part of your body using the various postures or poses. Detox Yoga can ease exhaustion, skin problems, pains and digestion problems.

Detox diet PlanWhy Detox Yoga is a Perfect Match?

Many exercises may assist the body during a detox process. However, most of these physical exercises, if not all, do not help clear the mind as much as it helps clear the body. Yoga works both ways without submitting yourself to demanding physical workouts and arduous training routines. Detox Yoga can help cleanse your organs and help it receive appropriate oxygen and nutrients.

How Yoga Supports Physical Detoxification

Detoxification works by using the body’s circulatory system, lymphatic system and digestive system. The different postures of yoga can reach these areas easily without straining the body with exhausting physical training.

Since yoga poses makes every part of the body twist, turn, extend or reverse, it can stretch and compress each of these parts to facilitate an effective elimination of many waste products that include lactic acid, lymphatic fluid and carbon dioxide.

According to studies, this extent of detoxification cannot be easily achieved by exercises such as jogging, running or biking. Yoga can stimulate your abdominal organs, your liver and kidneys to help them excrete impurities, toxins and other harmful substances.

A form of Yoga knowns a Bikram Yoga encourages detox through sweating. It has to be performed in a room which is heated to 105°F/41°C . As well as helping to loosen the joints and muscle it also promotes sweating, resulting in an amazing detox.

Importance of Proper Breathing

In addition to this yoga trains you with proper breathing exercises that are not only helpful during detox but in your everyday life.  Improper inhalation and exhalation is being practiced by many people without them knowing. This practice can affect the proper functioning of the lungs and affect the different organs of the body.

When inhalation is not properly done, we are at risk of not taking sufficient oxygen. It goes the same with exhalation, when exhalation is done inappropriately harmful amounts of carbon dioxide will not be expelled like it should be. The practice of yoga breathing or yogic breathing assists the lung tissues to expel carbon dioxide.

Yoga guides you in attaining a proper posture. Posture can also affect the lungs’ good performance. Slouching or other incorrect body postures, especially when sitting, can cause the diaphragm to compress. This will then make you more vulnerable to insufficient inhalation of oxygen. It can also make you exhale carbon dioxide in lesser amounts.

How Yoga Provides Mental Detoxification

Yoga is a renowned tool to calm the mind. Stress, depression, anger and fear are proven factors that can make the body get sick more easily. This means that if the body needs detoxification to keep it away from harmful and hazardous elements, the mind too, needs to be cleansed and detoxed to keep it livelier and healthier.

Yoga has the ability to pacify the mind through mental relaxation. It can teach you how to divert your negative thoughts to more positive ones while still keeping you mentally and psychologically sound. It can keep you from the past tumultuous thoughts and carry you to the calming and comforting moment of the present. Your body detoxes much more eaily and readily when you are relaxed and free of stress.

Although regular detox by way of diet and exercise gives the body a good cleansing therapy, Detox Yoga can offer more by purifying the mind from stressors that regularly makes us more prone to fatigue and illness. Next time you follow a detox program plan try some Detox Yoga with the help of Brilliant Yoga.

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