The Return Of Fiber Trend Is Good For Bowel Cleansing

If you have been neglecting bowel cleansing then the predictions for a return to high fiber foods this year can only be good. Fiber is good for your health in so many ways but more of that later. Supermarket bosses have said that people are rejecting the soft, basic, white loaves in favor of … [Read more...]

I Did A Body Cleansing Detox For My Melanoma

When I read the terrible story today of Alison's reconstructive surgery following the removal of the melanoma on her leg it reminded me of when I did a body cleansing detox when I had a melanoma. The story is about Alison, a 52 year old single Mum with two teenage children, who is undergoing a … [Read more...]

How to use Enemas as part of a Detox Plan

One of the most controversial and disputed procedures to include in a detox plan has to be the enema. An enema is way of putting fluid into the rectum through the anus to clear out the bowel. In some cases it can be used to administer medication or nutrients. The word itself comes from the Greek … [Read more...]