Do You Need A Post Binge Colon Detox?

While the whole subject of a colon detox or a colon cleanse is up for much debate and even ridicule by most of the medical profession if you have over-eaten this Thanksgiving it may be just the thing you need to get you back on the healthy eating track. Linda Szarkowski, graduate of the … [Read more...]

Colon Detox | Top 3 Reasons NOT To Use An Over The Counter Colon Cleanse

Have you seen this celebrity fad of over the counter colon cleanses? Most are touting a 24-48 hour colon detox for improved colon health and weight loss… That’s all well and good for them, but I have some very important  facts for you: Do NOT use any of those 24-48 hour “quick cleanse” … [Read more...]

Colon Cancer Is Running Rampant, Learn About Colon Detox

Guest Post Colon Detoxing and Natural Colon Cleanse There is certainly no question that the digestive tract is an important area of good quality overall health. Colon is your body organ that is one which eliminates poisonous waste materials away from your body system. The colon after getting … [Read more...]

Why You Need to Detox Your Body to Attain Fat Loss

Guest Article detox patches I shall never ever lose this memory. I was giving a weight-loss forum when I did what I thought was an off-the-cuff reference to the connection between weight loss, the environment and a detox diet. … [Read more...]

Is Dr Floras Colon Cleanse Just a Load of Hype?

I keep coming across claims that Dr Floras colon cleanse is the best cleanse on the market - well don't they all claim that!  So I thought it was about time I investigated it. Who is Dr Floras anyway? Probably just a name they invented as a front, I thought.  I looked all over the site but could not … [Read more...]

Candida Detox – A Powerful Way to Cleanse Candida

Candida albicans is one of the major yeast found in the digestive system. It usually lives in harmony with the other organisms that normally inhabit the gut.  But modern day life with high stress, high sugar, processed food diets, mineral deficiencies and the use of antibiotics can cause candida to … [Read more...]

Amazing Green Clay for Detox

There is evidence that humans have been eating green clay for thousands of years. The healing powers of clay, together with plants, herbs & other natural substances, were vital to ancient man. There are many different clays, all with their own unique properties, but French Green Clay is … [Read more...]

Colon Detox with Vitamin C Flush

This bowel or colon detox flush is attributed to Dr Linus Pauling, the American scientist and educator, who advocated large doses of Vitamin C for health and took 10 grams every day himself.  It has also been called an Immune Booster Flush because it flushes the lymph system, an important part of … [Read more...]

Colon Detox – Is it a Scam?

There is a lot of controversy over the need for a colon cleanse or colon detox. There is no doubt that many health problems can be traced back to to poor function of the digestive system. What happens here can affect the entire body. Many naturopaths like Bernard Jensen have demonstrated that. You … [Read more...]

Colon Detox

Modern medicine finds the concept of bowel toxicity and colon detox quite foreign yet at the beginning of the 20th century the subject was discussed at length by 57 British doctors at the Royal Society of Medicine in London. where a 380 page report is still on file. Colon detox or detoxification … [Read more...]