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detox plan — Detox

How To Stay Healthy With A Daylong Detox Plan?

Who doesn’t want to stay healthy? But, you’ve got to agree with me that amongst all the ways to stay fit and healthy there are very few plans that work out! Not everything does real wonders! But, whatever might be the state, either you’ve eaten far too much last night or just want to take your first … [Read more...]

Does Negative Thinking Stop You Starting A Detox Diet Plan?

You've read about detox and thought about following a detox diet plan to kickstart a healthy eating regime, as an energy boost or to lose weight but somehow you just can't get started. Negative thoughts come creeping into your mind with all sorts of reasons that prevent you starting it - it will … [Read more...]

Red Smoothie Detox Factor For Weight Loss & Healing

45-year old mother, Elizabeth Swann Miller, was inspired to lose weight following a sudden heart attack. She lost an incredible 37 pounds in a matter of weeks and credits her weight loss success to the amazing Red Smoothie Detox Factor System. Elizabeth admits she was out of shape but had no … [Read more...]

Is The Soup Cleanse Good For Detox & Weight Loss?

The headline that grabbed me on Monday told me that if I followed the Soup Cleanse Detox Plan I could drop a dress size by Saturday. That was followed by subheadlines that claimed that by following the soup & smoothie cleanse for three days you would lose 3 lb and if you stick with it for … [Read more...]

Is A Pegan Diet A Good Detox Plan?

There can't be anyone interested in their health who has not either followed a detox plan or heard of it but you may not have heard of a Pegan Diet. The term has been only recently been coined by Dr Mark Hyman as a healthy way of eating that combines the best of the Paleo Diet and a Vegan … [Read more...]

Would A Detox Spa Visit Drive You To Drink?

Did you read recently that Kate Moss was seen out on the town re-toxing, only four days after going to the Bodrun detox spa in Turkey? Sacrilege! Journalists' headlines claimed she was fleeing early, assuming she was on a 7 day detox. According to the detox spa's website the Master Detox is 4 - … [Read more...]

The 5 Step Doable Spring Detox Plan

It's well known that most people have well and truly ditched their New Year Detox Plan by the middle of January. They are fed up with chugging down cold juices, munching on cold raw salads and feeling deprived and hungry in the middle of winter. But what if there was a way to get healthy with a … [Read more...]

A 3 Day Detox Diet To Reset Your Body

3 Day Detox Diet I came across these wonderful infographics on Pinterest recently and though it would be a good idea to share them here. This first 3 day detox diet is based on Green Smoothies and I recognised it as part of Dr Oz's 3 Day cleanse.   The website the infographic came from claims … [Read more...]

Add Coconut Kefir To Your Detox Plan For Powerful Benefits

Sales of coconut water have taken off recently due to celebrity endorsements but did you know that coconut kefir has even greater health benefits and is an ideal food to make part of your detox plan? Dairy Kefir, has been consumed for it's extensive health benefits in Balkan countries for … [Read more...]

Is Healthy Juice Bad For Detox?

The headline of an article in the Daily Mail yesterday read "The healthy juice with 22 teaspoons of sugar"  The journalist quotes researchers who warned " Drinks regarded as healthy often contain far more sugar than we realize and can add up to 450 calories a day to our diet". The trouble with the … [Read more...]