Why a Natural Colon Cleanse is Best For Your Health

When famous celebrities like Madonna and Jennifer Aniston endorse something, expect that it’d be a big hit. Colonic hydrotherapy has once again surged in popularity after these Hollywood A-listers share with their adoring fans that they make use of this treatment to improve their health. But it has … [Read more...]

Will Colon Cleansing Heal Your Body?

I couldn't believe my ears the other day while I was watching a video about detox when the presenter recommended using senna for colon cleansing. This was the recommendation of a well known health professional/nutritionist too! Want to know what's wrong with senna? It's a bowel IRRITANT, that's … [Read more...]

Lose Weight by Colon Cleansing

Colon cleansing involves the extraction of toxins and impurities from the colon. Many people are constantly asking about the effects of cleansing their colon and the most suitable time for doing the cleansing. In order to answer these questions, it is imperative that you understand the functions of … [Read more...]

Natural Colon Cleansing: Is It Really Necessary?

Natural colon cleansing has been used for hundreds of years as a method to rid the body of toxins and help maintain optimum colon health. The idea behind a colon cleanse is to help the body get rid of excessive toxins that are believed to be absorbed into the body through the colon. People … [Read more...]

The Secrets Of Using Healthy Seeds On A Detox Diet

Healthy seeds are often recommended as part of a detox diet but do you know why? When people first hear about eating seeds they often remark that seeds are for the birds. It's true, birds, squirrels and and other animals rely on seeds for survival during harsh winters but that is because they are … [Read more...]

Is Colonic Irrigation For Detox Dangerous?

Colonic Irrigation is dangerous! That was the sensational headline in my newspaper. Thousands of people testify to the benefits of colonic irrigation or colonic hydrotherapy, as it is also called, as part of a detox plan so how can that be? An article published last week in The Journal of Family … [Read more...]

6 Reasons Why Bowel Cleansing May Cure Your Back Pain

It may come as a surprise to you that your back pain could be related to your bowel but it's true. Excess abdominal gas (wind) and excess fecal matter in your intestines can cause back pain whether you have flat abs or a beer belly. Here are 6 reasons why Bowel Cleansing may cure your back … [Read more...]

How to Colon Cleanse

There is no getting away from it, the colon is the most neglected organ in the body. Of all the organs in the body it is probably the most congested with toxins and toxic waste. It make sense then to look at how to colon cleanse. The liver is the major detoxification organ but the colon, the large … [Read more...]