Realistic Detoxing Methods for Real People

Do you ever feel jealous or even intimidated when you hear about some of these celebrities who pay large sums of money to spend a couple of weeks detoxing in a luxurious health spa? Or maybe you've been put off by hearing tales of the do-it-yourself colonics that people do when they go to some of … [Read more...]

48 Hour Green Smoothie Detox Diet

Summer is just about here so why not get yourself beach ready with this 48 Hour Green Smoothie Detox Diet. This green smoothie detox plan is based on green smoothies and raw soup. It might sound tough but it can make you feel on top of the world! Add it to your 7 Day Detox Diet plan to boost … [Read more...]

Is A One Day Cleanse Worth Doing?

It is known that toxins build up in our bodies over a number of years. A one day cleanse is hardly going to touch the surface so is it worth doing? Absolutely! A one day cleanse can be useful for the following: 1. If you have never done a detox or cleanse before then a one day cleanse is a good … [Read more...]

Green Smoothie Detox Plan for a Summer Bikini Body

It's not too late to get that bikini body for summer.  How? With the 21 day Green Smoothie Super Detox of course. Tera Warner, the Green Smoothie Queen, has joined forces with raw food experts Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes-Monarch to guide you through a 21 day Green Smoothie Detox Plan that starts … [Read more...]

How To Eat Your Favorite Foods And Still Lose Weight With A Green Smoothie Detox

If you are struggling to lose weight and hate counting calories then the Alternate Day Diet with Green Smoothies could be the answer. Even if you do not need to lose weight you can get a tremendous energy boost and have incredible health improvements with this type of eating plan that includes a … [Read more...]