Quick Natural Alcohol Detox Remedies That Work

According to media reports last week Denzel Washington booked himself in for an alcohol detox after an "alcohol-fueled” and “gluttonous" holiday. This was strenuously denied by his publicist who said he was doing an “extreme health cleanse,” which he routinely does after a holiday and prior to his … [Read more...]

Is A One Day Cleanse Worth Doing?

It is known that toxins build up in our bodies over a number of years. A one day cleanse is hardly going to touch the surface so is it worth doing? Absolutely! A one day cleanse can be useful for the following: 1. If you have never done a detox or cleanse before then a one day cleanse is a good … [Read more...]

How To Detox Safely – 5 Top Tips

Detoxing is a perfect way to get healthy. It can help you shed a few pounds or kickstart your new healthy eating program. It can restore your energy and help you improve your brain function. However, detoxing can come with drawbacks. Here are 5 tips for how to detox safely. #1 Get doctor … [Read more...]

Kidney Cleansing Diet

Your kidneys are an important part of your detoxification system. Many of the toxins that the liver processes to enable them to be eliminated safely from the body are sent to the kidneys to be excreted in the urine. Your kidneys also excrete toxins that are created as by-products of normal … [Read more...]

Improved Skin Begins With Your Next Meal

Guest post Shoppers today are bombarded by a wide range of anti-aging products for the body and face, whether or not they're simple cosmetics or surgical procedures. But the fountain of youth really simply comes from higher nutrition, one health knowledgeable says. A survey by the Yank Academy of … [Read more...]