The Wonders Of Detox Yoga To Enhance Cleansing & Weight Loss

Last week one of the UK's popular newspapers ran a series about the health benefits of Yoga but I didn't read anything about detox yoga. The only thing that was mentioned was that Bikram Yoga promotes sweating which is believed to help flush toxins from the body. Bikram or hot yoga (not all hot … [Read more...]

Is Your Perfume Toxic?

While waiting for my flight back from Spain last Saturday I was struck by the strong smell of perfume wafting from the duty free shop at the Airport.  Both young and old were snatching up the latest celebrity perfume probably completely unaware of the hidden toxins they contain. A new study has … [Read more...]

Are Toxic Chemicals In Your Cosmetics Killing You?

A recent story about a lady called Zita caught my eye recently. When she discovered she had fibroids in her late twenties she began to do some research into the problem. She found a study done by some researchers from Reading University in the UK which linked some chemicals in everyday cosmetics to … [Read more...]