Will Your Green Detox Smoothies Give You IBS?

Have you found that green juices or green detox smoothies cause you bloating, pain and/or gas? A leading gastroenterologist in London, England has reported that he's noticed an increase in patients complaining of irritable bowel which has been caused by juicing and detox smoothies and their … [Read more...]

Detox Your Body With A 3 Day Soup Cleanse

Have you heard that souping is new juicing? According to journalists the soup cleanse is the latest food trend among the health conscious. They say that people are becoming tired of juice cleansing and are turning to detox soups instead. So much so that ever since Gwyneth Paltrow included detox … [Read more...]

Will A Juicing Diet Help You Lose Fat?

The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) recently banned three juicing diet TV adverts due to lack of robust scientific evidence. The ads, featuring nutritionist Madeleine Shaw, claimed that certain fruit and vegetable juices could reduce fat and tone the stomach. In one ad for Philips … [Read more...]

Juice Detox | A Powerful Way to Kick Start Your Weight Loss & Heal Your Body

Juice detox is the current buzzword in the weight loss circles once again. This month Health & Fitness Magazine included a booklet that included two exclusive juicing diet plans for weight loss from juicing guru Joe Cross. … [Read more...]

Juice Detox – Healthy or Hype?

Most detox diet plans include some form of juice detox. I'm talking about proper "juice" here. The kind that is is extracted from fruit and vegetables with a juicer and not smoothies which are made from the whole produce in a blender but are often referred to as juices. They often suggest that … [Read more...]

9 Reasons You Need to Be Detox Juicing

This is a guest post by John McIntyre. Detox juicing is an amazing thing to do. It is all about looking after your body and making the most of life. You see, when you have your health, you have hope. And when you have hope, you have everything. If you're not sure of whether to try detox juicing, … [Read more...]

3 Day Detox Diet – Get Back In Touch With How Good You Can Feel

Cleansing your system of toxins that have accumulated in your tissues is a great way to get back in touch with how good you can feel by eating fresh fruit and vegetables. If you have been put off detox diets because of their length you will probably be able to manage this 3 day detox diet. Toxins … [Read more...]

Eating Raw Food

Guest article Searching for a method to effortlessly include much more vitamins and nutrients into your diet regime? If so, you may want to discover the concept of juicing. In this post, we'll include some of the benefits of juicing as well as recommend one of the most popular juicers for getting … [Read more...]

Detox: Treat Yourself to a 2 Day Home Spa Detox

Don't you sometimes feel that you would like to spend a weekend relaxing and indulging yourself  at a health spa? In these busy days of trying to balance work, family and social commitments it's often hard to find time for ourselves. Some "me time" is important to counteract the stresses of today's … [Read more...]

Vegetable Juicing Is Not Just for Detox

A juicer is your secret weapon not only for detox but for good health and longevity. By juicing a selection of fresh vegetables every day you can dramatically increase your intake of natural enzymes and antioxidants. Both can help delay the aging process and prevent disease. Health isn't something … [Read more...]