Should You Avoid Plant Lectins For A Successful Detox?

The saying that “You are what you eat”, can certainly apply in this day and age. We absorb such huge quantities of toxins through food, that our body, which works hard to get rid of them through a very sophisticated detox system, is not always able to do so. Unproccesed toxins start storing in our … [Read more...]

Delicious Detox Recipes That Fill You Up

Detox recipes do not have to be boring or tasteless. Gone are the days when you deprive yourself in order to detox. Quite the opposite in fact. The best detox diets include nutritious food that contain the nutrients needed for the detox system to function efficiently. Many people have slow or … [Read more...]

Why Yo-Yo Detoxing Is A Ridiculous Notion

If you've arrived here with the hopes of me talking about a pre-Christmas detox so you can pig out on Christmas day and get away with it you'll be sorely disappointed. Not long ago I wrote about the nonsensical idea of detoxing to retox before Thanksgiving that some so called "health experts" … [Read more...]

Is The Soup Cleanse Good For Detox & Weight Loss?

The headline that grabbed me on Monday told me that if I followed the Soup Cleanse Detox Plan I could drop a dress size by Saturday. That was followed by subheadlines that claimed that by following the soup & smoothie cleanse for three days you would lose 3 lb and if you stick with it for … [Read more...]

Should You Detox To Retox Before Thanksgiving?

Is this totally ridiculous or what? I keep seeing articles about detoxing before Thanksgiving so you can go all out on the day without guilt. That's sheer lunacy. What a way to treat your poor body! People who suggest detoxing so you can retox give detox a bad name. That's the sort of thing … [Read more...]

Easy Fruit and Vegetable Detox

Summer time, when there are so many luscious fruit and veg around, is a great time for a fruit and vegetable detox. I'm sure you know that fruits and vegetables are essential for your good health. They contain the vitamins, minerals, fiber that our bodies need to function efficiently and help … [Read more...]

Warming Detox Recipes For Breakfast

We're always being told breakfast is the most important meal of the day so if you've decided to detox when the weather is cold you will probably be wanting some tasty breakfast detox recipes that don't chill you to the bone. Time and time again researchers have found that eating a healthy … [Read more...]

Warming Winter Detox Diet Recipes

I was surprised to read  a few days ago that Gwyneth Paltrow detoxes with hot chocolate. Surely that can't be true! On reading more I discovered they were talking about  her winter detox diet recipe for Peppermint Hot Chocolate made with warm almond milk. The "chocolate" is Raw Cacao Powder … [Read more...]

Are Nuts A Healthy Detox Food?

Nuts always seem to be in the news for their health properties but are they a healthy detox food? Nuts are full of protein, are a good source of fibre and contain a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats all of which are needed to support the detox system so I would say they … [Read more...]

Cleanse Your Body With A Dandelion Detox

Usually considered to be a weed, dandelion (Taraxacum Officinale) is grown commercially for its many medicinal benefits. One of the things you can use it for is a dandelion detox. The common dandelion is recognized by herbalists and healers all over the world as an excellent liver remedy. They … [Read more...]