How To Detox Your Body And Lose Weight With The Sirtfood Diet

Unlike other some detox diet plans which are so restrictive that you feel deprived and hungry the Sirtfood Diet is perfect if you want to detox your body, boost your immune system, reboot your health and lose weight after the great Christmas binge. You may not have heard of sirtfoods yet but the … [Read more...]

Is A Detox Diet A Good Way To Lose Weight In The New Year?

It's that time of the year again when people's thoughts start turning towards New Year Resolutions. Top of the list of resolutions for 2015 was, you've probably guessed, to lose weight. Magazines, newspapers and blogs are full of the latest detox diets to help you shed those pounds that you've … [Read more...]

Why Yo-Yo Detoxing Is A Ridiculous Notion

If you've arrived here with the hopes of me talking about a pre-Christmas detox so you can pig out on Christmas day and get away with it you'll be sorely disappointed. Not long ago I wrote about the nonsensical idea of detoxing to retox before Thanksgiving that some so called "health experts" … [Read more...]

A Cake Cleanse Diet? Dream On!

A cake cleanse diet?  "Forget detox, now there's a cake cleanse"! Yes, you've read that right! That was the headline in a popular UK newspaper that I saw this week. I've heard of some pretty wacky detox mixtures over the past 30 years but a cake cleanse diet? Surely that can't be? I guess the … [Read more...]

Realistic Detoxing Methods for Real People

Do you ever feel jealous or even intimidated when you hear about some of these celebrities who pay large sums of money to spend a couple of weeks detoxing in a luxurious health spa? Or maybe you've been put off by hearing tales of the do-it-yourself colonics that people do when they go to some of … [Read more...]

Detox Salads That Are Not For Wimps

I had to laugh the other day when I read that some researchers found that men who order salads on a first date are considered wimps. It made me think about some of the detox salads that I see recipes for that are, well, "wimpy". Let me assure you that when you detox you don't have to restrict … [Read more...]

Is Milk Kefir A Good Detox Food?

I've been watching the TV program Superfoods for the past few weeks and this week the program looked at kefir. They didn't say anything about it being a good detox food but many health practitoners recommend drinking it to support detoxification. Kate Quilton, the presenter, introduced Deborah … [Read more...]

Is A Pegan Diet A Good Detox Plan?

There can't be anyone interested in their health who has not either followed a detox plan or heard of it but you may not have heard of a Pegan Diet. The term has been only recently been coined by Dr Mark Hyman as a healthy way of eating that combines the best of the Paleo Diet and a Vegan … [Read more...]

How Detox Diet Carbs Help You Lose Weight

This week a prominant newspaper said that personal trainer Grace Lavinia claims that although carbohydrates continually receive bad press they are in fact good for you and help you lose weight. She says that carbohydrates are the body’s main energy source and need to make up about 1/3 of your daily … [Read more...]

Will Birch Sap Become The Detox Juice of the Year?

A spiralizer may be the gadget of year and souping may be the new juicing but if journalists are to be believed then Birch sap is the detox juice of the year. Birch water or sap is predicted to knock coconut water off it's perch as the latest detox juice drink. The juice is harvested from the … [Read more...]