Is Sugar Toxic & Why Avoid It On A Detox Diet?

"Sugar is toxic beyond its calories"  say doctors at the University of California and argue that it should be taxed like alcohol and tobacco. So what exactly do they mean by that and is that why you should avoid it while on a detox diet? What do we mean by sugar? Carbohydrate is the main … [Read more...]

The Secrets Of Using Healthy Seeds On A Detox Diet

Healthy seeds are often recommended as part of a detox diet but do you know why? When people first hear about eating seeds they often remark that seeds are for the birds. It's true, birds, squirrels and and other animals rely on seeds for survival during harsh winters but that is because they are … [Read more...]

Detox Healing Crises

Here is a guest post from A. Vogel When doing a detox, it is common to experience a period of discomfort on some level, whether physically as the exit routes start to open up, or emotionally as the diet is altered and certain foods avoided or lifestyle changes implemented. People sometimes panic … [Read more...]

Is Your Detox System Overloaded With Every Day Toxic Chemicals?

The story last week of Merlene Paul who had some bad reactions caused by the toxic chemicals from a packet of T shirts she had just opened caught my eye. This is a typical reaction of a person whose detox system has become overloaded. Living in a chemical soup We are surrounded by toxic chemicals … [Read more...]

How A High Fruit & Vegetable Diet Can Detox Your Body

The role of fruit and vegetables in our diet has never been more important. Our bodies have to continually detox a wide range of pollutants in our food, water and environment. A high fruit and vegetable diet helps support and rev up the detox system so helping to detox your body. More and more … [Read more...]

5 Top Detox Tips

The body is exposed to toxins everyday through food, air pollution, medication and even stress. Processed, chemically enhanced and ready to eat food contain substances that are toxic to the body. These toxic agents weaken your immunity, stress the mind and cause fatigue so let's look at some … [Read more...]

My Top 10 Detox Diet Posts

From time to time I get questions about detox and detox diet plans from my readers and detox news subscribers. I can usually send them some links to articles I have written that cover the subject they have asked about. I got to thinking recently that it would be a good idea to make a list of some … [Read more...]

New Year Detox Diet: Try This 2 Day Detox Diet

If you've had a spell of rich food, more alcohol than usual and late nights over the holiday season why not try this easy 2 Day Detox Diet to help restore your energy and vitality?  Although Spring is the traditional time to detox many people feel more motivated to do a New Year Detox Diet. Instead … [Read more...]

Does Detox Work Or Is It Pointless?

It started early this year. It's usually not until January that doctors speak out against detox. Last week a British doctor claimed that detox is pointless and and could be highly dangerous. Writing in the December issue of The Biologist,  Prof David Bender, professor of nutritional biochemistry at … [Read more...]

Detox Diet: Time to Plan Your Detox Diet Goals For Health 2012

Almost everyone likes to eat and drink but if your eating and drinking habits are slowly killing you isn't it about time you changed them? It's not too soon to start planning your detox diet goals for health in 2012. Your body is a wonderful but incredibly complex piece of engineering that must be … [Read more...]